Video Storytelling

Creative Excellence Class


Learn how to create memorable stories for YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform, using basic filmmaking equipment.



Tell stories that keep your audience engaged with compelling visuals, rich narration, music, sound effects, and timing.



Become a video storyteller who entertains, inspires, and even changes how your audience views your world.


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Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

Best Seller

Video Storytelling will TEACH you how to turn ordinary footage into exceptional stories. Because a story well told can be a powerful tool.

You’ll EXPERIENCE new ways of planning your videos from story concept, through to the actual shoot, and then on into the final edit.

Intensely CREATIVE, you’ll DISCOVER the joy of filmmaking that goes way beyond merely using equipment.

You’ll LEARN to weave dialogue, music, and sound effects together to create a PROCESS that will forever CHANGE how you make movies.

You’ll be INSPIRED to make stories that INFLUENCE what your audience FEELS about the world you SHARE, and how they ACT on those feelings.

Are you ready to become a POWERFUL STORYTELLER?

Then join over 4000 other students who’ve boosted their storytelling through the secrets shared in Video Storytelling?





 Creative Excellence Class


Creative inspiration for beginner or intermediate filmmakers who want to tell captivating stories to inspire others, gather like-minded people to a cause, and grow an online audience. 

Wise filmmakers know that even the most mundane, ordinary happening can be elevated to can’t-miss content—the type that boosts algorithms and grows followers—if it’s spun into a compelling story. Sadly, most filmmakers don’t know where to begin in creating videos that trend.

The reason for this is simple: they don’t know how to tell stories. They’re good camera operators, who’ve been taught to capture quality footage above all else. That's a good first step. But even the best footage in the world struggles to inspire until it’s brought to life with rich narration, music, sound effects, and timing—or, in other words, until it’s woven into a story.

In the VIDEO STORYTELLING: Creative Excellence Course you’ll be taught by a master storyteller and broadcast professional that storytelling BEGINS BEFORE the shoot, continues DURING the shoot, and is finally completed in the EDITING ROOM.

So what are you? A Camera operator or a filmmaker who wants to tell great stories?



Things you'll learn 

You will know how to make videos that will entertain, inspire and even teach an audience.

You will know how to be an entertainer.

This course will be particularly value for non-fiction storytellers

You will be qualified not only to tell a story, but to keep your audience engaged with rich narration, music, sound effects and timing.

You will know how to tell a story, using basic video equipment, for any video platform you choose.

Tim Hay

This course was excellent and it delivered exactly as promised at the start. I really enjoyed the informal, conversational, natural teaching style. He really got straight to the point, taught what was important, without getting bogged down in technical details, which can easily be found elsewhere. I have been into photography for over 30 years, but I've hardly taken any video. Now I feel well prepared for making professional-looking videos and film. Thank you!

Christopher Baker

Brilliant Course. This gets right back down to the basics of what really makes a good Film. Away from the plague of tech, color grading trying to look cinematic ect. You should be telling a story and not trying to look flash. This is what real film making is about. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wan't to make films and documentary's that tell a story and are not just pretty images.



Andrew St Pierre White knows how to spin a great yarn—as his over 220,000 YouTube subscribers will agree. With over six million views a year, his YouTube channel is a testimony to his storytelling skills.

Add almost 40 years as a broadcast professional, with international awards to his credit, and a great teaching style, he’s the perfect mentor to help you capture engaging footage and audio to make must-watch stories—even on a low indie producer budget.

This Video Storytelling Course arms you with the no-fluff, to-the-point, how-to create engaging stories.


Are you ready to get creative? 


Video Storytelling uses step-by-step, easy to follow, video-based lessons to teach you tell amazing stories.

Learn to shoot all the vital elements—visuals, sound effects, and dialogue—in each scene to tell your story.

Learn to think like a storyteller not a camera operator as the story is being shot.

Learn to anticipate and plan for the editing stage as part of your storytelling.

Learn how and when to use camera moves to enhance your story.

Learn to appreciate the power of B-roll footage.

Learn to select and use music to take your stories to new heights.

Learn to create and use scripts.



Don't let equipment hold you back from creating content and telling your story. 

A camera that can shoot video.

A microphone.

A computer or laptop for video editing. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

Basic PC or Apple computer skills.

A passion to tell stories.


Video Storytelling comprises of the following six modules, with a total of 35 bite-sized, video-based lessons.

What's Inside this Course?

Module 01

What videos do you want to make?


  • Introduction to the course
  • Meet Andrew st. Pierre White
  • Tapping your story telling Inspiration—know what stories you want to tell.
Module 02


  • The power of an unmoving camera in storytelling
  • Using pans and zooms to enhance your story
  • Best practices when moving your camera
  • Lenses and perspective and how they impact your story
  • The rules for using backgrounds in your storytelling
  • More secrets to using backgrounds to tell compelling stories
  • Final thoughts on handling your camera like a pro
  • Understanding the power of audio in creating compelling stories
  • Summary
Module 03

Being Creative

  • Understand the basics of lighting
  • A little bit more about using lighting to create captivating stories
  • Making your drone part of the story
  • The power of time-lapses and how to use them in storytelling
Module 04

Shooting for the story

  • Constructing a story in camera: Using audio to lead the story
  • Constructing a story in camera: Capturing the story when the unexpected happens
  • Constructing a story in camera: Rules for the self-shooter
  • The power of B-roll footage in telling stories
  • More about B-roll footage
  • The best rule for capturing and using B-roll footage
  • Are they needed in storytelling?
  • The rules for keeping your audience entranced
Module 05

Editing: Telling the story

  • A technical introduction
  • Links to free editing software
  • The basics on opening your story
  • Constructing your story opening
  • The Opening of a Series
  • Avoiding amateur traps with transitions
  • Working with music: Enhance an existing emotion
  • Working with music and sound effects: Create emotion
  • The dig-deep method of choosing music that wins every time
Module 06

Conclusion and final examples

  • Pulling your story together
  • The final video.
  • My most recent story.


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Reggie Bass

Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much! Full of mind-expanding thoughts and ideas. I found a bridge between the creative and the technical. So much useful information that I will have to repeat the course over and over to retain it all.


Such a superb course... Loved every minute... With tons of information and with the basics put in place for a beginner. I can't rave enough, the course has definitely set the mood to learn more and more.