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Beafilmmaker.com offers the most effective video filmmaking learning program available.

Taught by broadcast professionals - and not wanna-be filmmakers turned teachers!

© 2019 4xOverland, Western Australia

Drone Cinematography

  • Go from 'getting great footage' to telling stories and creating sequences with drone-mounted cameras.

  • How to set up your drone camera for optimum photographic results

  • Where to position your drone for the best perspective, increased creative interest and storytelling advantage.

  • Fly and gather content in both single-handed and multi-person operations.

  • Advice on choice of drone and additional equipment.

  • Low light, filters, colour settings, etc.

Some of our Courses

YouTube Content Creator

A unique, highly effective, way of teaching video production techniques


  • Our courses are mostly creative in nature. And that makes us unique among the teachers of filmmaking.

  • You will learn more, faster, here, than on any other on-line courses available today.

  • That's our claim. And to prove it, we offer a money back guarantee.

  • We feel that far to much emphasis is placed on equipment, and not enough on creativity.

  • We offer a range of courses to suite your goals, available time and budget.

  • If you only want to learn how to use equipment, and not why it should be used in a particular way, then perhaps we are not the right people for you right now.

  • Because no one is interested in how a story is told or how a video is shot. An audience wants to be entertained, inspired and captivated. If this is the wish for your audience, then you've come to the fright place.




Your Director and teacher


  • Andrew St Pierre White has over 38 years in broadcast television, and his shows have been on major TV networks.

  • He's directed over 100 TV shows, edited hundreds of TV commercials and won international awards for editing.

  • His YouTube channel boasts 192 000+ subscribers and over 38 million views.

  • He's also a passionate and involved teacher.