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Comprehensive online courses for learning all there is to know about filmmaking and visual storytelling.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced filmmaker wanting to learn specialist skills, you will find a course to help you take your ideas from concept to creation – all taught by award-winning filmmaker, author and trainer Andrew St.Pierre White.



Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.


Over 21 000 students

In 135 countries

Over 5000 5-star reviews

Average rating of 4.6 / 5

250K YouTube subscribers

40 years in filmmaking

Meet Your Instructor

Andrew St. Pierre White

A master at teaching filmmaking and storytelling, Andrew St Pierre White has shared his mind-blowing filmmaking secrets with over 21,000 students in 135 countries.

He backs up his engaging, thorough teaching with almost 40 years of genuine filmmaking experience as an award-winning TV commercials editor and a non-fiction documentary maker, with shows on Discovery Channel. Having shot his adventure shows in over 20 countries, Andrew is also a highly successful YouTuber with over 250,000 subscribers.

Andrew is the real deal. 

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Somewhere in you is a desire to tell a story – and not just tell it, but a desire show it in a way that will truly touch the viewer through emotive imagery, compelling techniques and an engaging story.

We believe that film and video courses mostly focus far too much on the equipment, and far too little on the story and the audience.
This is what makes Beafilmmaker unique.

Go at your own pace, there's no time limit 

All the secrets to great storytelling

All courses can be done at home

Creative rather than technical

Basic equipment needed

Work with an award-winning TV broadcaster

Whether you’re:

  • A great storyteller, looking for a way to visually tell your stories through video but don’t know where to start
  • Needing to understand the technical basics of filmmaking in order to craft your ideas
  • Dreaming of making amazing video content for yourself or your clients
  • Wanting to upskill and learn new techniques to take your filmmaking to the next level
  • Looking to turn a filmmaking hobby into a business

… you’re in the right place to learn the skills you need and to join thousands of students who have taken their filmmaking to the next level.

FREE COURSE : Discover Three Powerful SECRETS To Great Video Storytelling


21 000+ students. Over 5000 5-star reviews

Ryan Poquette

This was a great course filled with helpful and practical tips. I'm training to be a video editor, a new role for a longtime creative client, and I started by downloading Andrew St. Pierre White's Udemy course on editing. The very first lesson indicated that it would be best to start with the video production course, and he was right. Having a better sense of what constitutes good footage and how to capture it definitely affects the quality of the edit.


Noor Ismail CEO

It's really amazing and I have already liked the lecture, it is so constructive and I'm optimistic and more than happy that, in the new future I will be among the best filmmakers and storytelling because the truth is the lecturer Mr. St Pieter white inspired me a lot, I want to be his role model, I'm huge fun of adventure, I like overland,I like telling the story and I like filming. so that's little I can say for now. so let continue... Many thanks cheers good job!


Duane Brovan

This course and Mr. White opened my eyes up to have to capture the story. So full of useful info that I will review it over and over. Being a Photographer going into video I had no idea about 4 seconds on a subject and how important audio is to give a film emotion. Looking forward to Mr. Whites course on editing.




Beginners Videography

Learn both the technical and the creative aspects of videography, including:

  • how to craft a story
  • how to shoot and edit
  • how to create and design the soundtrack
  • how to get the equipment questions sorted first.
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Video Storytelling

This Creative Excellence Class will teach you how to turn footage into exceptional stories. You’ll learn:

  • How storytelling begins before the shoot
  • How to move from being a camera operator into a compelling storyteller
  • How to weave dialogue, music and sound effects together to create magic


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Drone Videography for Creatives

In this Bestselling course you will learn how to go from the technicalities of using a drone-mounted camera to telling stories using the power of creativity. You'll learn:

  • How to capture beautiful images, and how to fly your drone to get the best shots
  • How to get the most out of your drone camera
  • How to use drone footage to enhance your video storytelling
  • How to create sequences using drone footage
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YouTube Masterclass

Learn all about YouTube and how to make the most of the platform through the creation of amazing content. You’ll learn:

  • Why YouTube is different
  • How the algorithms work and how to create content that leverages this
  • How to edit properly for YouTube
  • How to craft compelling and shareable content
  • How to grow and monetise your YouTube channel
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Creative Video Editing

This course will take you out of the realm of the technical editor, and into the magic that is created by a creative and intuitive editor. You will learn:

  • The difference between operating and editing
  • How to make your edits seamless and integrated
  • How to select music that will elevate your video
  • How to avoid traps that result in average filmmaking



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John Drake

Love Andrews courses, I have done many but decided on this one as you are never too clever to learn from a master and Andrew is a master and a seasoned professional. Thank you for your wisdom and insight into all aspects of film-making. Highly recommend ALL of Andrews courses.

Damian Galka

A great course for beginners. What I like the most is focusing on these topics, which are key, and what many creators forget about: telling stories. Equipment is important, technique and skills also, but the basis should be the ability to tell stories. I am very happy with this courser.

FREE COURSE : Discover Three Powerful SECRETS To Great Video Storytelling

Discover the secrets of an award-winning visual storyteller and catapult your videos to the next level!