Beginners Videography

Creative Excellence Class


How to shoot and edit great videos in thirty-three bite-sized, easy to understand lessons—and have fun while doing it.



Is your focus more on the cameras and gear than the creative process? Shift your focus from gear to creativity. Learn how to bring your viewers back for more.


Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your audience ask for more of your creations. And the rewards of creating videos that you can be justly proud of showing.

Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

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An award-winning filmmaker shares his fool-proof process for planning, shooting and editing great videos.



  • Learn to use your camera and editing equipment creatively to make great movies.
  • Complex techniques made simple through an easy-to follow teaching style.
  • Without unnecessary overly technical lessons and complex jargon.
  • Understand why equipment is less important than skills. 
  • You'll need only basic equipment needed to get started.
  • Welcome to our world of fun learning with rewards from the first lesson. 




How to Make Great Videos - Beginners Creative Course.

Making great videos people love to watch isn’t rocket science—if you know HOW to TELL A STORY with video. Even the humblest product review, vlog or home movie comes alive when turned into a story.

The trouble is, most video training courses focus mainly on camera gear, teaching little or nothing about the CREATIVE side of making GREAT VIDEOS.

They forget that it’s not the gear that keep viewers coming back for more. It’s the ABILITY to SHOOT and EDIT footage that HOOKS the VIEWER from the first shot and keeps them riveted until the final frame. This is what captures and GROWS an audience.  

In other words: It’s the ability to tell CAPTIVATING STORIES with video that sets the proficient filmmaker apart from the amateur.

So, Lesson-1: CREATIVITY is more important than gear.

Lesson-2: The SOUNDTRACK will make or break your video.

Dramatic? Yes, but still true. If you want your movies to look and sound professional, you must understand the POWER of DIALOGUE, MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS.

The Beginners Creative Course will teach you all this and more.

So, if you’re a new videographer and you want to go beyond showing off fancy cameras and gear to learn how to actually make a good video, then this course is for you.


Things you'll learn 

How to make great videos in easy to understand steps, including shooting and editing.

How to capture an audience and leave them wanting more.

This course goes well beyond the cameras and equipment, and teaches the process needed to make a great video.

Create outstanding video blog/vlogs

Become a presenter and filmmaker.

✓ Share your story on video

Discover Five Powerful Secrets to creating must-watch videos that inspire, entertain and educate.

Download and watch for FREE as an award-winning filmmaker shares his fool-proof process for planning, shooting, and editing great videos. 


Adrian Rennie

This is the best video course on any subject that I have ever seen. Informative, concise, well planned, described, and engaging. Just like the films he inspires you to make. I wish I had seen this at the start of my filmmaking journey, it would have saved me mistakes and money. BRILLIANT!


David Kyslinger

What a great course - being a total beginner Andrew made me feel comfortable with all the equipment involved (you don't need much) but most importantly helped me find the story - the "why" of the film and how to translate that onto film. This is not a detailed software course but he does give an overview of all the important techniques needed when you're editing.

Damian Galka

A great course for beginners. What I like the most is focusing on these topics, which are key, and what many creators forget about: telling stories. Equipment is important, technique and skills also, but the basis should be the ability to tell stories and use video as a medium to present this message. I am very happy with this course and I recommend it to every beginner.


Apart from being a broadcast professional with almost 40 years of real filmmaking under his belt, Andrew St Pierre White is also a superb teacher.

He has earned literally thousands of five-star reviews on a major online teaching platform for his mind-blowing, yet easy-to-follow filmmaking courses. A true professional, he teaches complex subjects simply and without bombarding you with unnecessary technical jargon.

He invites you to get really good at making videos you can be proud of— fast.


Are you Ready to Get Creative?

The course is divided into five modules, each building on the one before. It covers everything from equipment and how to use it, filming techniques, and editing. By the end of the thirty-seven lessons, you will be able to make a complete movie people will want to watch and share.




You will need:

  • a camera
  • an external microphone to connect to that camera,
  • and a computer or laptop suitable for editing footage and sound.

Remember, creativity is more important than gear. That means your equipment does not need to be high-end or expensive to benefit from the Beginners Creative Video course. Basic gear will do the job perfectly.


What's Inside this Course?

Module 01


Hello and welcome to my Beginners' Videography Course. In the next 32 lessons, I'm going to explain how to make really good videos by sharing with you what is really important - fast!

Module 02


What camera for what video.



Action Cameras.

Equipment Summary.

Choosing your frame size.

Choosing your frame rate.

Depth of field/focus and lens aperture.

How lenses work, and a bit about camera brands.


Module 03

Basic Filming Techniques


Best composition techniques.

Presenting to camera.

Sound is important. Very, very important.

Microphone and auto-audio recordings.


Module 04


Find the story while shooting Part-1

Find the story while shooting Part-2

Storytelling in general

What is the story?

Working with backgrounds.

The 4-second shooting rule.

Perspective and detail.



Module 05

Editing: Telling the Story

Editing software basics.

Handling your media/footage.

Let’s start editing.

Editing Part-2

Editing to music.

Transitions: Beware the amateur traps!

Music choice.

How to make a video: from idea to release.

Conclusion and summary.


John Drake

Love Andrews courses, I have done many but decided on this one as you are never too clever to learn from a master and Andrew is a master and a seasoned professional. Thank you for your wisdom and insight into all aspects of film-making. Highly recommend ALL of Andrews courses.

Damian Galka

A great course for beginners. What I like the most is focusing on these topics, which are key, and what many creators forget about: telling stories. Equipment is important, technique and skills also, but the basis should be the ability to tell stories. I am very happy with this courser.