From Stills Photographer to Filmmaker


Learn the technical processes needed to make must-watch videos.


Create videos that keep your audience engaged with compelling visuals, rich narration, music, sound effects, and timing.



The mental shift needed to become a successful filmmaker. 


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Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

From Stills Photographer to Filmmaker will TEACH you the technical and creative filmmaking processes needed to successfully transition from taking stills to planning, shooting and editing video footage.

You’ll EXPERIENCE new ways of planning your shoots from story concept, through to the actual shoot, and then on into the final edit.

You'll understand and bridge the mental shift required to master shooting with a video camera.

Intensely CREATIVE, you’ll DISCOVER the joy of filmmaking that goes way beyond merely using equipment.

You’ll LEARN to weave dialogue, music, and sound effects together to create video stories. 

You’ll be INSPIRED to make videos that capture your audience.

Are you ready to become a successful filmmaker?

Then sign up to From Stills Photographer to Filmmaker and start learning now.



From Stills Photographer to Filmmaker

 A Proven Path to Success

Do the stories you long to tell with video keep you awake at night, invade your dreams, and capture your thoughts by day?

I get it… telling stories with video is highly addictive. 

It doesn't help that our world is a fascinating place—one that often defies still photography in capturing and sharing its stories. That’s when only video will do. So it makes perfect sense that you want to add video filmmaking to your storytelling skills set. 

But sharing your passion with an audience saturated with media can be a huge challenge. This is especially true for still photographers moving to video. This truth might surprise you. After all, you know how to take drop-dead gorgeous photos, so why would shooting videos be any more difficult? 

The answer is simple.

The techniques and rules for planning, shooting and editing moving pictures are very different to those for composing and editing still photos. 

Becoming a successful filmmaker, who can engage and grow an audience, requires a shift in mindset, as well as a new set of filmmaking tools—and that is exactly what you’ll learn in the From Still Photography to Filmmaking course.



By the end of From Still Photography to Filmmaker course, you'll have learnt how to:

  • Make the mental shift from being a photographer, who captures still images, to an entertainer who manipulates images and sound to inspire, motivate and influence an audience.
  • Work with your camera and editing bench to create must-watch videos, rich with arresting images, emotive stories and compelling sound designs.
  • Solve the common video technical challenges without having to endure hours of frustration and fruitless searches for solutions.
  • And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!
  • I’m passionate about filmmaking and get real satisfaction in sharing my hard-won knowledge and expertise with other passionate people.
  • When you sign up for my course, know that we’re in this together. 


Ian Rance

The only way that this course is annoying is that every time you decide to take a break up comes the next video short with a title that demands you watch just one more - again and again and again. Brilliant - learnt so much from Andrew. I hope I can get all the information into my videos now. You cannot go wrong with this course.

Adrian Ziersch

I really learned a lot! The information is golden. Andrew focuses on the things nobody else tells you. Its not about technical settings. Its about the art to transport feelings.



Andrew St Pierre White knows how to spin a great yarn—as his over 260,000+ YouTube subscribers will agree. With over six million views a year, his YouTube channel is a testimony to his filmmaking skills.

Add almost 40 years as a broadcast professional, with international awards to his credit, and a great teaching style, he’s the perfect mentor to help you capture engaging footage and audio to make binge-worthy videos.



Don't let equipment hold you back from making the leap from stills to videography.

All you need is:

A camera that can shoot video.

A microphone.

A computer or laptop for video editing. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

Basic PC or Apple computer skills.

A passion to create videos.


From Stills Photographer to Filmmaker comprises of the following five modules, with a total of 31 bite-sized, video-based lessons.

What's Inside this Course?

Module 01

After setting the expectations for the course and laying out what you’ll earn, we dive straight into some technical details essential to your leap from stills to video. These include discussions on all-important frame rates and video frame sizes.

Module 02

We all love equipment, right? And we can talk for hours on the subject. Here we focus on cameras and lenses, audio recording, lens choices, microphones, tripods and video heads, frame rates and shutter speeds, ND filters, lens breathing during focus pulls, basic studio lighting setups, white balance, where to place microphones, handling your media, memory cards and hard drives.

Module 03

We introduce you to moving the camera, with emphasis on narrative camera moves, lenses and the sense of movement, gimbals and getting steady shots, locked off cameras, pans and tilts and the 10-second shooting rule, drones, camera moves and storytelling. 

Module 04

Now for the nuts and bolts—we begin with the basics of writing shooting scripts and shooting plans. We dig deep into crossing the line and all-important eyelines.

Module 05

We begin by giving you a thorough introduction to NLE editing before moving onto a vital key to success: filming and editing are not separate processes.

We then focus on how to edit an opening sequence, how to build a sequence, the choice of music, and finally, you're introduced to four other YouTubers, who can help grow your skills.

From Still Photography to Filmmaker gets you from A to Z in record time.

This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into easy-breezy.


Download Three FREE Mind-Blowing lessons from the course.  I have no doubt they will convince you to invest further in your dreams.


John Greer

Are you looking for a course to help you move forward in creating better video content? This is it. Andrew is really entertaining. You can immediately begin applying his techniques. You don't have to wait until you've mastered something. You'll learn what is worth worrying about and what isn't. Five easy stars.

Steve Waldorf

After years of looking for a solid base to establish my work and build my talents, I am so excited to move ahead in this course to see it only gets better. Finally! Someone gets it! I want to learn!!!!! Thank you Andrew!