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Choosing the Right Music. Watch me edit LIVE.


This is an LIVE example of what I like to call, the 'dig deep' method of finding the right music. Because getting the music wrong, can be ruinous for a video.

In this edit, I wanted to create an expectation with my audience. And wanted some tension too. But it was a light-hearted scene, so too much tension could easily be misplaced. And that would set the wrong mood. But I was also eager about what was confronting me. So what I had to deal with were several conflicting emotions. And because music has such a profound effect on the audience's emotions, getting an already mixed up emotion right with the choice of music was going to be a challenge.

This is an actual live editing event. It's not rehearsed and not planned. I literally sat down to edit my video, and within a few minutes realised that this was going to make a good teaching moment. This is my favourite part of the filmmaking process, and for me, the rewards of a good edit are...

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