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Beafilmmaker.com offers the most effective video filmmaking learning program available.

Taught by broadcast professionals - and not wanna-be filmmakers turned teachers!

© 2019 4xOverland, Western Australia

YouTube Content Creator

​About This Course

  • Creative steps to creating great YouTube content

  • Understand clearly, with every shoot you do, what footage is needed to edit a fantastic video.

  • Good editing is easy. The trouble is, bad editing goes unnoticed by the editor, but NOT by the audience.

  • Learn vital and valuable shoot and edit techniques and stop yourself falling into the all too common traps of bad filmmaking.

  • Shoot great footage for the edit. Your footage will not only be better, but better suited to audience retention.

  • Love the creative process!


You will learn:

  • Cameras. A practical overview on what makes great self-content gear.

  • Microphones. An overview on capturing great sound.

  • Keeping out the shake. Legs, tripods, mounts and more

  • Don’t dwell too much on the equipment. It’s not as important as you may think.

  • Techniques for addressing the camera and audience.

  • Shooting from the hip ready for the edit.

  • B-roll content. 4-second rule

  • Drones. 10 second rule

  • Self-shooting and selfies.

  • Skin tones out of doors.

  • Natural lighting principals

  • Editing:

  • Sound. Neglect the audio quality at the expense of everything.

  • Editing techniques for vlogs, stories and grabbing your audience in the first 5 seconds.

  • Editing software choices

  • Avoiding the perils of poor music choice. The fastest way to lose a viewer.

  • Keep it snappy but not disturbing.

  • “Get on with it!”. How to step back and look at an edit sequence objectively.

  • Getting your audience to feel something

  • Invitations to your viewers to watch more.

  • Titles and thumbnails

  • Live broadcasts

  • Scheduling Income production alternatives.

  • Includes 30+ video lectures.


While the marketing, SEO and thumbnails are important, they must take second place to content. Because it’s viewers wanting more content that results in subscriptions, fans, followers and income.

This course deliberately excludes the marketing side of YouTube so it can focus on how the great YouTubers became as successful as they are. Ask anyone of them, and they will surely answer, “I had the right content and the right time”. They are mostly too modest to add, "They had great content that people wanted."

I am annoyed by courses that boast unrealistic outcomes from YouTube. This isn't one of those. This course is for people wanting to join the wonderful YouTube family of successful creators –by hard work and effort. Because no successful YouTube channel was easy–although some may look it. And at the end of the day, its great content that makes a great channel. Everything else is secondary. And as importantly, creating great content means personal satisfaction, which means your channel will have a long and healthy life. 


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