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It's the quality of the video content that makes the great YouTubers great. Learn it here. Simple and easy to follow.


Creative steps to creating great YouTube content, and gathering an audience.

It's important to get things technically correct, but even more important to engage your audience in the first 10 seconds.

How to shoot great footage for the edit. Your footage will not only be better, but better suited to audience retention.

How to make your audience care is the single more important element in gathering and keeping a YouTube audience.

Good editing is easy. The trouble is, bad editing goes unnoticed by the editor, but not by the audience.

Understand what YouTube will demand from you, and its rewards.

Learn vital and valuable shoot and editing techniques and stop yourself falling into the all too common beginners' traps.

How to earn income from YouTube and all its many facets and opportunities.

The undeniable fact is, it’s great content that makes a great YouTube channel. 

Your lecturer is a highly successful YouTuber . . . And he says, "While YouTube marketing, SEO and thumbnails are important, they must take second place to content. Because it’s viewers wanting more content that results in subscriptions, fans, followers and income. Every successful YouTuber knows this."

This course focusses on how the great YouTubers became as successful as they are. Ask anyone of them, and they will surely answer, “They had the content that people wanted. And it's not that difficult to do.” 

YouTube is like real estate when they say, "location, location, location." With YouTube it's content, content, content. Why does it take most YouTubers years to reach just 1000 subscribers. Would you like to do that in a month? The secret is great content. 

This course is for people wanting to join the wonderful YouTube family of successful creators. Because no successful YouTube channel was easy–although some may look it. And at the end of the day, its great content that makes a great channel. Everything else is secondary. And as importantly, creating great content means personal satisfaction, which means your channel will have a long and healthy life.   

This course is here to help YouTubers, young and old, to create great content. It is creative in nature.    

Great marketing is pointless without great content. This course is about content creation, because content is king!

I began my career 38 years ago in advertising, editing TV commercials for big agencies. Much later I made TV documentaries for big networks, and then my own adventure travel TV show, which I still make today. That has how my work morphed into a YouTube channel. I can honestly say I’m having more fun now earning from YouTube channel releases than I did chasing TV companies. Now they chase me! I launched my YouTube channel in 2008, as a means to market my work, but not gather viewers. That changed in 2014 when I began to create content specifically to grow my channel and create a new business model. Since then, subscribers have grown, without any special marketing and SEO techniques, from 12 000 to 100 000 subscribers in less than four years. And I attribute it to the quality of content. And because the quality is good enough, it has attracted sponsors.

I’d like you to enjoy this level of success too.  



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The current catch phrase in the world of YouTube creators is, 'Content, content, content'. Come with me, and I'll help yours get better. 


Andrew St Pierre White

  • Cameras. A practical overview on what makes great self-content gear.

  • Microphones. An overview on capturing great sound.

  • Keeping out the shake. Legs, tripods, mounts and more

  • Don’t dwell too much on the equipment. It’s not as important as you may think.

  • Techniques for addressing the camera and audience.

  • Shooting from the hip ready for the edit.

  • B-roll content. 4-second rule

  • Drones. 10 second rule

  • Self-shooting and selfies.

  • Skin tones out of doors.

  • Natural lighting principals

  • Editing:

  • Audio. Neglect the audio quality at the expense of everything.

  • Editing techniques for vlogs, stories and grabbing your audience in the first 5 seconds.

  • Avoiding the perils of poor music choice. The fastest way to lose a viewer.

  • “Get on with it!”. How to step back and look at an edit sequence objectively.

  • Keep it snappy but not disturbing.

  • Getting your audience to feel something.

  • Invitations to your viewers to watch more.

  • Titles and thumbnails.

  • Live broadcasts.

  • Scheduling.

  • Income production alternatives.

  • Editing software choices.

  • You are a YouTuber and want to become a great one. Without good content, that's just not possible.

  • This video course is for anyone wanting to create or improve the quality of their YouTube content.

  • Maybe you've done some YouTube marketing courses, but are now looking for help with the creation of the best content.

  • At the end of my course, students will have a clear understanding of what YouTube audiences want, and how to produce it.

  • You've done what you can to improve your YouTube marketing, and it's not working well enough. Maybe there is something missing?

  • You are a YouTuber, or want to become one.

  • As a YouTube producer, you want to improve the quality of your content.

  • As a YouTuber you want to increase production efficiency to produce more, and better content

  • You realise that quality content is even more important than YouTube marketing expertise.

  • No matter that the marketing people say, content is KING! Without good content, good marketing is pointless.

REQUIREMENTS offers the most effective video filmmaking learning programs available.

Taught by broadcast professionals.

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