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Beafilmmaker.com offers the most effective video filmmaking learning program available.

Taught by broadcast professionals - and not wanna-be filmmakers turned teachers!

© 2019 4xOverland, Western Australia

Shoot like a Professional


Do you want to understand the creative techniques broadcast pros use when shooting for a TV show?

Would you like to be taught by a genuine TV broadcast professional?

Do you want to improve the quality of your videos, to the point where your audience can't get enough?

Are you moving from still photography to video, and are not finding it easy?

Are your videos just not getting noticed and shared on your YouTube channel?

As a professional video cameraperson, are you not getting noticed because your work is technically fine, but not creatively outstanding?

Then you have come to the right place.


  • The first principal of great storytelling.

  • Camera rigs. Incl DSLR, Camcorder, mirrorless etc.

  • The five most important rules of video equipment.

  • Camera types, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Capturing audio and the equipment alternatives.

  • Tripods, heads mounts and sandbags.

  • Shooting techniques to tell a story.

  • The four-second rule.

  • Detail inspires the audience.

  • Making the leap from stills to video.

  • Shooting and editing are NOT two separate processes.

  • Shooting for the edit.

  • Capturing sound for the edit suite

  • The affect of sound effects.

  • How to shoot for a good soundtrack.

  • Narration and story-telling styles.

  • Image composition and crossing the line.

  • Perspective, cropping and composition

  • Light. Too much light can ruin an image.

  • And a lot more

  • 42 Video lectures + 4 quizes.