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Beafilmmaker.com offers the most effective video filmmaking learning program available.

Taught by broadcast professionals - and not wanna-be filmmakers turned teachers!

© 2019 4xOverland, Western Australia

  • Go from 'getting great footage' to telling stories and creating sequences with drone-mounted cameras.

  • Where to position your drone for the best perspective, increased creative interest and storytelling advantage.

  • How to set up your drone camera for optimum photographic results

  • Fly and gather content in both single-handed and multi-person operations.

  • Advice on choice of drone and additional equipment

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Drone Videography

About this course:​

  • Storytelling styles

  • How to shoot

  • What equipment to use

  • More about interviews

  • Storytelling techniques

  • What music to use

  • Break-state

  • Shoot planning

  • Hype - the good and bad

  • Travel documentaries

  • Sound effects

  • Cameras

  • Microphones

  • Keeping out the shake. Legs, tripods, mounts and more

  • Don’t dwell too much on the equipment

  • Techniques for addressing the camera and audience

  • B-roll content

  • Drones

  • Self-shooting and selfies.

  • Skin tones out of doors.

  • Natural lighting principals

  • Editing

  • Editing techniques for vlogs, stories and grabbing your audience in the first 5 seconds.

  • Editing software choices

  • Titles and thumbnails

  • Scheduling Income production alternatives

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  • Make videos that will entertain, inspire and even teach an audience

  • Be qualified to shoot event videos like weddings, and produce enjoyable and entertaining, professional looking content

  • Be an entertainer.

  • Tell a story, using basic video equipment, on any video platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Anyone who wants to shoot videos, but has some, a little or no previous experience.

  • Anyone who wants to start, or has just started a YouTube channel.

video stroytelling.jpg
like a Professional
  • Principals of great storytelling

  • Different Camera rigs

  • The five MOST important rules of video equipment

  • Camera types, pros and cons

  • Capturing audio

  • Tripods, heads mounts and sandbags

  • Four second rule

  • Narration

  • Image composition

  • Lighting

  • 42 Video lectures + quizzes

  • Constructing a storyline.

  • Audience interaction and interest

  • Invisible edits

  • The five most important rules in editing.

  • Sound effects and music effects

  • Music montage editing. Easy to do. Difficult to do well.

  • Editing dialogue

  • Editing for suspense

  • Transitions

  • All the things that shout 'amateur?'

  • You don't need top pro gear to get top pro results.

  • Editing perils

  • Narration and story-telling styles

  • Gear choices,

  • Discipline while shooting,

  • Staying light-weight and portable

  • Getting great video and audio

  • Confidence building and new ideas.

  • produce good quality videos

  • How to work as a one man crew

  • How to produce on a small budget

  • Perfect for indie producers/filmmakers