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Beafilmmaker.com offers the most effective video filmmaking learning program available.

Taught by broadcast professionals - and not wanna-be filmmakers turned teachers!

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Drone Cinematography

Creative Excellence Class

I'm a filmmaker with 35 years in TV production and YouTube.  I often use drone-mounted aerial cameras to gather content for my stories. A new challenge to filmmakers and storytellers have is that drone footage is now commonplace and often over-used. And because not many good pilots are skilled storytellers, and not many good videographers are good pilots, footage is rarely unique and fit for story. Here, I'll teach you how to be both! While this course is mainly creative in nature, it also contributes much technical information about drone videography. While we demonstrate these skills with consumer-oriented photographic drones, these lessons apply with even the most advanced machines.

Message to my previous students: "During my past two years of filming my show around the world, I used drone-mounted cameras more and more. To begin with, my results were pretty average. But I quickly learned how best to mess up a flight, and how to return with aircraft with a camera card full of amazing, stunning and really worthwhile footage. It was a huge learning curve for me as well! So I decided earlier this year to create a new course, so that you don't have to go through the learning curve that I did. As usual, the course is hosted exclusively by Udemy."


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