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Beafilmmaker.com offers the most effective video filmmaking learning program available.

Taught by broadcast professionals - and not wanna-be filmmakers turned teachers!

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Your Lecturer:
Andrew St.Pierre White


I have 37 years in broadcast television.

The first half was mostly TV commercials, when I worked as an editor, winning some international awards.

The second half has been spent as a director and editor of factual TV programming. I’m broadcast on major networks.


I would like to teach you what I know.

I think too many filmmaking courses spend far too much time on equipment, instead of technique.

I can teach you a story-telling secret that will blow your mind.

I say it like it is, and don’t mince my words.

As an indie filmmaker, I understand the challenges of the amateur filmmaker all too well.


These video story telling courses will teach you more, faster, more effectively than any other video course available today. That’s just my opinion, but I'm happy to accept the challenge to persuade you that I am right.

I love teaching and I’m good at it. And I’m a very good storyteller.

My passions include overland travel, aviation, nature and ships. I look forward to getting to know you.


Why am I Qualified to Teach You?


My background is TV commercials, having spent 16 years editing for many blue-chip clients in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Working under dozens of directors, and editing many hundreds of commercials, I've been awarded several international awards, including New York TV and Cannes. My clients included SAB (Lion Lager, Castle Lager, Ohlsonn’s Lager), Nedbank, Toyota, United Bank, General Tyres, Coca Cola, Rembrant Group,  (Peter Stuyvesant & Paul Revere cigarettes), and many more. (Some of these time-worn commercials can be viewed on youtube.)


In the 90’s, my direction changed and I spent the first year of the decade living in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It was there that I wrote my first book, on a subject which at the time was no more than a hobby. It was aclled:  ‘The Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive’.  With the immediate success of the book (now in its 7th edition), a second followed, leading to the creation of ‘International Motoring Productions’, a publisher of books, DVDs and maps, aimed largely at the 4×4 community. In addition, TV production started with a first series called 'Four-Wheel Drive'.  Following that, two aviation specials were produced, one of which was aired by Discovery Channel.


I consider myself a specialist in shooting documentary programming in remote locations, often shooting in difficult circumstances, and often with no support or back-up. For example, in 2009, I crossed the Kalahari, and in 2010 crossed the Namib desert, both completely alone. I shot two one-hour TV documentaries of my trips, both of which became part of highly popular series, 'Take A Deep Breath'.


I also consider myself a master self-shooter. Having made many of my own TV shows on my own, I understand the challenges confronting the amateur filmmaker, who makes films just for the pure love of it.