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Secrets to creating great YouTube content that grows and inspires your audience.



Shoot and edit movies that capture your audience in the first-10 seconds and then hold them to the last frame. 


Unlock the many income streams available to the successful YouTube channel. 

Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

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  • Learn the vital creative steps needed to craft great YouTube content to grow a following. 
  • Understand exactly what YouTube will demand from you, plus its financial rewards. 
  • Good editing is easy. The trouble is, bad editing goes unnoticed by the editor, but not by the audience. Learn to avoid amateur traps. 
  • Grasp the all-important difference between subscriber numbers and actual monthly watch times.
  • Understanding how your audience reacts to your work can be the difference between success and failure. 
  • Discover exciting ways to maximize your income through your YouTube channel.




YouTube Masterclass

Learn from YouTube Masters


Making your YouTube viewers CARE about you and your content is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT element in BUILDING and KEEPING your AUDIENCE.

CONTENT is KING when it comes to generating an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with an audience. Without good content, good marketing is pointless. 

Ever wondered why it takes most YouTubers years to reach their first few thousand subscribers? 

The reason is simple and likely has absolutely nothing to do with marketing. In most cases, their content is uninteresting, uninspiring or mediocre.   

Remember, YouTube’s algorithms will happily PROMOTE POPULAR videos to their viewers—without you doing a thing after you’ve finished your upload.  

But what makes a video popular, the kind that adds THOUSANDS of SUBSCRIBERS a MONTH to youchannel 

Great CONTENT produced CREATIVELY. That’s what viewers love to watch, share and talk about.

Trust the experts: Nothing gets YouTube’s algorithms buzzing quicker than viewers engaging with your content. This is what fast-tracks a channel into a lucrative INCOME PRODUCER. 

So, would you like to GRAB A SHARE of those almost numberless subscribers YouTube will gladly share your content with 

The secrets to that kind successare hidden in the YouTube Masterclass courseIt will teach you how to CREATE content that TARGETS and BOOSTS the YouTube algorithms so you can successfully GROW your channel.  



I feel like he is imparting well earned knowledge. His years of professional experience are obvious. It's good to learn from someone who really knows his stuff and has lived it for decades, and has been paid for it as a professional.


Robert Longmore

Very informative, and a must-watch for anyone looking to develop and grow the quality of their channel. many lessons I will use and take away and expand on. very well presented. no crap and straight to the point.


Michael Hopper

Fantastic insight into video perfect for myself at the beginning of my journey, Andrew is simply amazing, communicates passionately his training is jammed packed with his experience, expert technical knowledge and a hands on approach.


Download THREE lessons from our YouTube Masterclass course for FREE!

Opening Stings & Branding

Finding your Genre

Using Patreon to Make Money Through YouTube





The YouTube Masterclass course is reserved for smart YouTubers who know that the quickest and easiest way to grow their channel is through regularly posting captivating, can’t-get-enough-of videos.

They understand that technical and marketing know-how isn’t enough.

They recognize that CREATIVITY is needed to make great videos that keep their audience coming back for more.

They are looking for a course that not only gives insight into HOW YOUTUBE WORKS, but they also want to hone their CREATIVE SKILLS to make their content stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a smart YouTuber, then the YouTube Masterclass course is for you. 

Things you'll learn 

The YouTube Masterclass course is designed to help YouTubers, young and old, create great content. That means the course focuses primarily on using your existing equipment and skills in a CREATIVE way to maximize your success.

You will also be taught the power of using your YouTube channel as a funnel to make money.

YouTube Masterclass consists of five modules and a total of 42 video-based lessons.




Andrew St Pierre White is a highly successful YouTuber with over 250,000 subscribers on his channels. This is what he says about making YouTube work for him: "While YouTube marketing, SEO and thumbnails are important, they must  take a second place to content. Viewers wanting more of your content lead to subscriptions, fans, followers and income. Every successful YouTuber knows this. Ask any other top YouTuber for their secrets, and they’ll likely say, We had the content people wanted.” 

Andrew began his career almost 40 years ago in advertising, editing TV commercials for big agencies. Much later he made TV documentaries for big networks. Now he has his own adventure travel TV show on YouTube.  

Andrew says: I can honestly say I’m having more fun now earning from my YouTube channel releases than I ever did chasing TV deals."

He’d like you to enjoy this level of success too.    




If you already have a YouTube channel then, great! If not, don't worry. YouTube Masterclass will give you deep insight into what it'll take to be a successful YouTuber. 

No special camera, editing or computer equipment is required.  

All you need is excitement and willingness to learn.  



Module 01

What videos do you want to make? 


Meet Andrew St. Pierre white and learn what this course is about.


What this course includes.

Realistic expectations.

Module 02


Basic cameras and kit that are suitable for many YouTubers. 

Microphones and accessories to exclude unwanted sounds such as backgrounds and wind.

Stands, supports, clamps and other bits of useful kit.  

Module 03

What to Expect

How I will teach and what you can expect. 

Introducing the YouTube channels we use as examples. 

Finding Your genre. 

Editing software and edit space. 


Module 04

Be a Copycat

Be a copycat. Learn from the best. 

CaseyNeistat. Don't Say Stupid Part-1. 

CaseyNeistat. Don't Say Stupid Part-2. 

Find a genre. Kai K's Photo channel. 

Absolutely excellent B-Roll shooting technique. 

Snappy editing and humour. 

Drones. Putting them in perspective. 

Talking to camera and shooting interviews. 

Self-shooting and selfies. 

Shooting and editing techniques. Learn by example. Part-1. 

Shooting and editing techniques. Learn by example. Part-2. 

Shooting and editing techniques. Learn by example. Part-3. 

Shooting Product Reviews. 


Module 05


The ruin of many a good video is poor use of music. 

Music introduction: Very important. 

Choosing music and using it the right way. 

Music editing and back-timing. 

Edit techniques with music and sound effects. 

Teasers. Approach to editing. 


Module 06

Other really useful stuff 

Other YouTubersAre they the competition? 

Look at this awesome YouTuber! 

Clickbait and openings. 

Opening stings and branding. 

YouTube marketing. 

Trailers and promo videos. 

Live broadcasts. 

Monetization. Part-1. 

Monetization. Part-2. 

A commentary on Influencers and how to work effectively as one. 


The creative demands of a Youtube channel.

Dealing with haters.



John Drake

Absolutely 5-star course from Andrew, I have completed all of his courses and loved every minute of every one of them. There is no substitute for learning from a master of their craft and Andrew is certainly a master. I highly recommend ALL of Andrews courses if you are interested in film making, you want to be a professional then learn from the best.


Totally blown away by this course!. Hands down the best course I've taken on Udemy.

Andrew's immense knowledge in the art of film making and his passion for sharing his knowledge and getting his points articulated exactly how he sees it is captivating and insightful. I feel like I've been mentored face to face.