Creative Drone Videography

Creative Excellence Class


If you fail to plan, then your plan will fail. Learn flight shoot planning that will take your footage to the next level. 


Learn the remarkable 10-second rule, image composition, using the drone as a tripod and even constructing a sequence.


Consider the story! How to shoot compelling scenics, building a sequence with multiple cameras, and have you ever thought about making the drone a character?

Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.



  • Learn to capture beautiful images with your drone. 
  • Get the most out of your drone cameras.
  • Shoot abundant B-roll to enhance your films.
  • Learn how to fly to get the best shots.

Drone Videography


Are you ready to go from 'getting great footage' to TELLING STORIES and CREATING SEQUENCES with drone-mounted cameras?

Have you searched the web for a drone course that focuses on CREATIVE EXCELLENCE, rather than the technicalities of flying a drone, but have found nothing to INSPIRE you?

 Are you ALREADY FLYING a drone and know how great a drone can be for videography, but need help with your CREATIVITY?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions then this is the PERFECT COURSE for YOU.

 Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned drone flyer, this course will teach you how to POSITION your drone for the BEST PERSPECTIVE, increased CREATIVE INTEREST, and STORYTELLING advantage.


Getting average or even good shots with a drone is relatively easy. But capturing remarkable shots that make your audience gasp isn’t a simple matter of launching the drone and rolling the camera.

Capturing shots useful in an edit environment is even harder.

Aerial footage has become commonplace. Even ordinary. This is because the new generation of camera drones are remarkably easy to fly. They’ve opened exciting portals to creativity.

But here’s the challenge: Only by capturing gasp-worthy footage will your movies stand apart from the crowd.

Two very specific skills are required to get the most out of your drone camera:

  1. You need to be a good pilot
  2. You need to be a proficient videographer.

This course is designed to meet the second requirement. By the end of the 13 in-depth lessons you will know how to position and manipulate your flying camera to capture shots with a WOW-factor, guaranteed to inspire.


Things you'll learn 

✓ Learn to use low light, filters, colour settings, and more.

✓ Learn how to maximize your drone as a video production tool.

✓ Learn to construct a sequence.

✓ Ever thought about making the drone a character in the story?



Andrew White is a storyteller and professional filmmaker with almost 40 years in TV production and YouTube.

He is also a licensed pilot.

So he knows a bit about videography and flying. Like so many other videographers before him, he has learned how to place cameras almost anywhere to get the shot. During this process, he discovered an interesting fact:

Flying a drone is easy. Even a child can successfully launch, fly and land a drone. 

Flying and operating a camera is a different set of challenges, which require a specific skill set.

Andrew has learned these skills and is ready to share his creative secrets with you.




You will need a photographic drone and some experience in flying it. Any drone with a camera will do.

You should have a desire to not just 'get footage,' but tell stories and create beautiful images using your drone camera.

While Andrew teaches using consumer-oriented photographic drones, all the lessons apply to even the most advanced, heavy-lift machines.



What's Inside this Course?

Module 01



Take Full Advantage of where you can put the camera and drone.

Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Planning your shots before takeoff.

Camera settings for best quality and continuity.

Module 02

Creative Excellence

The 10-second rule. This is a vital key to success in capturing abundant B-Roll. The biggest problem of drone photography—solved.

Constructing a sequence.

Consider the story. What are you trying to say, show or share?

Depth and Perspective.

Use the drone as a tripod.

Image composition.


Module 03

Creative Ideas

Shooting Scenics.

Making the drone a character Part-1.

Making the drone a character Part-2.

Building a sequence with multiple cameras.


Arno Jones

I love his presentation style! The presentations are engaging, and unlike other courses I've taken, I'm actually paying attention throughout the entire lecture instead of finding myself drifting to unrelated topics. All of the topics make complete sense and I'm eager to put what I've learn into action. Andrew St Pierre White is now my go-to instructor for any subject I'm interested in that he teaches.

Kelvin Sakumoto

Very educational and also very interesting presentation. Using the drone as a very tall tripod is a good way of thinking about the drone as a tool. Also, making the drone a character in the video was good guide for when the drone itself can appear in the video. Thank you very much for this excellent course!